It comes as no surprise that having a clean office is important for hygienic reasons. But have you ever thought about how it can impact on the productivity of your employees? Workers spend an average of 7-9 hours per day in the workplace, so it stands to reason the state of the working environment can make a significant impact on how well they work. And, here’s why…

Sick employees are not productive ones

A workplace that is not adequately cleaned can be a hub of bacteria and disease. Every sneeze, cough, or unwashed hand contributes to germs being spread through the workforce. A University of Arizonastudy found that more than 50% of surfaces in the workplace commonly touched by staff can become infected with a virus even when there is just one sick person in the office. Hotspots for germs include places like doorknobs, photocopier buttons, telephones, keyboards, and in the staff room or kitchen. Things like dust, dirt, or mould can trigger a raft of health issues, including coughs, colds, and respiratory problems.

Ultimately, failure to disinfect your office daily means putting the health and wellbeing of your staff at risk. And, when your staff aren’t feeling well, they will take more sick leave days. And, when they do show up for work feeling unwell, they’re not going to be at their most productive.

A clean office is essential for good mental health

Excessive clutter and an unclean work environment can make it difficult for employees to focus on the work at hand. A messy workplace also has potential to cause frustration and anxiety. On the contrary, having a clean and tidy space in which to work creates an environment where staff can be more organised and efficient. A study by Staples Advantage found 94% of workers felt more productive in a clean workspace. Additionally, 77% of workers said they are able to produce better quality work when their workplace environment is clean.

A clean workplace is a more appealing place to work

Most people spend as much time at work as they do at home – if not more. Naturally, if given the option, an employee is likely to choose a clean workplace as opposed to one which is dirty, unkempt or full of clutter. Attention to cleanliness, hygiene and order, can reduce employee turnover, reduce the number of sick days taken by staff and it can create a much more positive work environment. Of course, when you create a positive work environment, your staff will also be happier. And, it’s a well known fact that happy staff are more productive, which is of great benefit to your business.


Keeping things clean

So how can you achieve maximum productivity through creating a clean and uncluttered workplace? Encouraging a culture in the workplace where everyone tidies up after themselves can go some ways towards reducing clutter in the workplace. But, typically enlisting a professional cleaner will yield the best results for a clean and hygienic office. Firstly, daily cleaning of high-traffic areas, bathrooms and germ hotspots such as doorknobs, switches, photocopier buttons and office kitchens, is essential. Regular dusting is also important, especially in relation to light fixtures – because poor lighting has potential to impact on staff productivity.

When you engage a professional cleaning company, you not only reduce the risk of viruses and bacteria, but outsourcing means you get to focus on what you do best instead of worrying about the cleaning. A regular schedule of cleaning will ensure your workplace is hygienic all year round, and your employees will have a positive working environment where they can thrive and be productive.

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