Recently, I stumbled upon a post on a cleaning forum where someone was seeking help finding a regular cleaner for their home. They had received quotes that were deemed too high for their budget. They required weekly cleaning for a 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom, 1-kitchen house, along with hard floor maintenance, all within a $90 budget. Despite their efforts, they couldn’t find a quote that matched their expectations.

Initially, I felt a bit offended by the disconnect between the cost of running a business and the expectation of service. However, upon reflection, I realised that people may not fully understand the factors influencing cleaning costs. Just as they seek help to maintain their standard of living, cleaners also need assistance to uphold their level of service and job satisfaction. So, let’s delve into some basic elements regarding the cost of cleaning.

Types of Cleaning:

  •  Routine cleaning differs from vacate cleaning in terms of detail and physical labour.
  •  The first clean requires more time to bring the property to its desired state compared to subsequent cleans.
  •  Deep cleaning is more expensive and challenging than regular dusting and vacuuming.

Property Size: 

  •  Larger properties require more time to clean.
  •  The number of bedrooms and bathrooms affects cleaning time, but other rooms like rumpus rooms or studies add to the overall size and cleaning needs.

Frequency of Service: 

  •   How often the property is cleaned impacts the price.
  •   A one-time clean will cost more than a routine cleaning.
  •   Weekly cleanings require less time compared to monthly cleanings.

Security and Liability: 

  •  When hiring cleaners, consider the security and liability involved.
  •  Some individuals may offer lower prices but might not have public liability insurance.
  •  Established brands may charge more but provide a sense of security and accountability.

Ultimately, the cost of cleaning depends on your preferences and needs. While you can’t change the size of your property, you can consider these factors and choose a frequency and service level that suits you best. If you need more information or a quote, browse our website for transparent pricing, or send us a quote request, and we’ll be happy to assist.